1. Prepare

Observe performance or review work product

Determine if previous commitments were attempted, completed, and how. Decide strengths and opportunities. Capture behavioral and contextual details.


2. Connect & Establish Goal of the Conversation

Greet and initiate

Demonstrate interest, help them relax. Set the conversation’s purpose.


3. Discuss Reality (3 Parts)

  • Strengths or Progress
  • Transitions
  • Corrective or Constructive Opportunities


How to Supercharge Contact Center Agent Performance


4. Consider Options & Plan

Ask for possible solutions

Going forward, how might you handle that differently?

Ask how to implement solutions

How do you think you can make that change / implement that?


5. Commit to the Way Forward

Ask for verbal agreement

Will you try that/do that/work on that next time?

Ask for written agreement

Ask they write out WHAT they are doing, HOW, and by WHEN

6. Follow-Through

Coach Commitment

What and When you will do to support their commitment

Log & Track

Track your and their commitments for what you will each do and when


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